Listen to our podcast to inspire new ideas, challenge perceptions, and stimulate conversation on the big health and social issues facing society today.

This podcast series, recorded in front of a live audience at Conway Hall, features thought-provoking talks given by individuals who’ve faced life-changing experiences and who are using their experiences to come up with solutions to create social change. Being the Story gives them a platform for their ideas.  Our podcast runs alongside a programme of live events, training and a spokespersons network to diversify the voices we hear in the media and beyond introducing new voices and perspectives into mainstream conversation.

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Episode 1

As a child Milly had dreams of being a journalist, but her young adulthood was consumed by a cycle of addiction. Milly shares her story from her introduction to radio in rehab, to becoming a regular reporter for Radio 4’s flagship programme; Woman’s Hour, where she’s found her niche in reporting on subjects she has personal experience of, telling stories with nuance and empathy.

Episode 2

Laura’s story is one of hope and survival against the odds. Diagnosed with secondary breast cancer 11 years ago, she shares her experience of cancer and its impact. Through psychological intervention and support Laura has learned to live more presently, understanding that it’s our vulnerabilities that makes us all human. Driven by her experience of cancer, she campaigns with cancer charities to try to make a difference for others.

Episode 3

Steve was a struggling warehouse worker by day and hip-hop performer by night. After a chance encounter with award-winning documentary maker Sean McAllister, Steve was asked to get involved in A Northern Soul a film Sean was making. Steve shares his experience of putting his life in the spotlight through the documentary, the issues it raised and how he’s now trying to create new opportunities for young people in Hull.

Episode 4

Charlie Craggs is a broadcaster, author and trans activist. Charlie shares her insights on trans activism, what’s next in her fight for equality, and how we can all continue to break down the understandings around trans experiences because as Charlie puts it ‘prejudice and hate comes from fear and misunderstanding’.