Alicia Barnes

Founder and CEO, Our Sorority

Alicia Barnes grew up in Aston, inner city Birmingham which has always been known to be riddled with poverty, deprivation and crime. She grew up in this area making sure that she tried her best at school and stayed out of trouble. Doing this made her feel as though she would never experience direct vulnerability.

Whilst at school she was interested in health and social care sector. At age 19 she decided to take a year out to volunteer and gain experience in the sector. That summer her life was turned upside down. Alicia received a call that changed the course of her life. Her boyfriend at the time had been murdered.

This tragic event lead Alicia down the path of depression she never expected. She suffered from insomnia, depression, anxiety and memory loss. Alicia lost her confidence and spent weeks indoors not seeing or speaking to anyone. Searching for support services, all she was confronted with was a lack of understanding and a lack of support. During this time Alicia met other women facing the same barriers and she made a promise to herself she was going to make a change.

How I’m Supporting Young Women to Realise their Potential

Alicia Barnes won’t let her circumstances shape her. Motivated by her own experiences, Alicia works to empower young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their potential. Her charity Our Sorority provides guidance and support to vulnerable young women who are (but not limited to) at risk of offending, abuse, substance misuse, poverty, exploitation, NEET and who feel excluded from society. Alicia is changing the systems that create barriers to these young women seeking help.

Our Sorority has been funded by Lankelly Chase. Lankelly Chase is a Being the Story Partner.