Dom Raban

Managing Director, Corporation Pop

In 2011 Dom’s 13 year old daughter, Issy, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewings Sarcoma.

Issy’s year-long journey through the health service involved 18 rounds of chemotherapy, spinal surgery and an 8 week trip to the United States for Proton Therapy.

Her treatment was characterized by two polar extremes. On the one hand she had fantastic clinical care  – and that’s the reason why she is fit and healthy today and about to go to University.

However on the other hand she received very little prior information about the people she would meet, the hospital environments she would be treated in or the technology and processes that would be used to treat her. What information there was, was directed at Dom and his wife, which left Issy feeling isolated and ignored and has coloured her opinion of health services to this day.


Patient’s Virtual Guide: filling the hospital information vacuum

As MD of Corporation Pop, a digital innovation agency, Dom wanted to use his professional skills to address the problem and so his company is building the world’s first healthcare app to use augmented reality, gamification and artificial intelligence to deliver health information directly to children. With the support of Nominet Trust funding, Dom is creating Patient’s Virtual Guide to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization and improve the health literacy of children.

Dom will share his journey – the hurdles, the highlights and navigating the NHS.

Dom has been supported by Nominet Trust. We’re thrilled that Nominet Trust are a Being the Story Partner.