Joe Reddington

Chief Operating Officer, eQuality Time

Up to 15 in every 1,000 children have such severe speech-language impairments that they have difficulty making themselves understood. This affects everything from daily activities like playing with other children and taking part in school to talking to a doctor about your symptoms or your family about your hopes.

Joe’s little brother has never been able to talk. That’s part of a long list of things he’ll never do. Speech is so important to communicate, to tell stories and to shape our personalities, our relationships and our mental health.

An expensive communication aid changed his life and Joe began to ask the question – why isn’t this free?

Free Speech, The Open Voice Factory

Joe set-up Open Voice Factory – an open source project dedicated to making free speech really free, everywhere in the world.  The Open Voice Factory was one of the Nominet 100, the winner of the first Nesta Inclusive Technology Prize and it is Joe’s big hope for the future. At Being the Story Joe will share what it’s like to be a sibling, through frank and darkly ridiculous stories.  He’ll talk about what he’s doing with the Open Voice Factory to make changes, and why it’s down to us to step forward.  This year the Open Voice Factory is one of Comic Relief’s 2018 Tech for Good cohort, receiving funding for development. Joe is busily trying to soak up all the expertise he’s currently surrounded by within this programme.

The Open Voice Factory has been funded by Comic Relief. Comic Relief is a Being the Story Partner.