Milly Chowles

Freelance Radio Producer and Reporter

As a child Milly had dreams of being a journalist, but her young adulthood was consumed by the destructive cycle of addiction and over the years that dream seemed increasingly out of reach. Until in 2008, aged 29, when she found herself in an all female rehabilitation centre, The Nelson Trust, in Gloucestershire. Where she did a short radio skills course and made her very first radio programme for a small community station.

Fast forward ten years later and Milly is in recovery and also has an established career as a radio journalist, having made programmes and podcasts for BBC Radio 4, Radio 1 & 1-Xtra, The World Service, 6 Music, Audible and many others.

My Journey into Journalism

Milly will share the story from her introduction to radio in rehab, to becoming a regular reporter for Radio 4’s flagship programme; Woman’s Hour, where she’s found her niche in reporting on subjects she has lived experience of. Recently Milly produced and presented ‘The Fix: Woman and Addiction’ a nine-part radio series for Woman’s Hour which was inspired and personally authored by her own  experiences of being a woman in recovery.  She will show how her past is no longer a shameful secret but has become the experience she draws on to inform her work and allows her to humanise her subjects and tell their stories with nuance and empathy.