Simeon Moore and Dylan Duffus – 1 Mile Away

Founders of Dats TV

Simeon Moore and Dylan Duffus were members of the rival Birmingham gangs Johnson Crew and Burger Bar Boys. They were brought together by award-winning filmmaker Penny Woolcock as she mediated between the gangs as featured in the documentary One Mile Away. They are now working together to tackle what they see as the glamorisation of gang culture.

Simeon Moore is a writer, musician and advocate for young people. He brings vision and creativity and works to positively impact on the lives of young people. Dylan Duffus is a mentor and actor supporting young people in the Birmingham area.

Moore and Duffus have joined forces to create Dats Tv, a new YouTube channel aiming to challenge, and provide an alternative to channels and music videos which glamorise gun and knife-culture to support young people away from gang violence.

Music As A Medium for Social Change

Simeon and Dylan will share their journeys growing up as part of rival gangs, and the impact of participating in the film One Mile Away both on them and on their community. Spurred on to work together to create change, they will share their vision of how we can best tackle gang culture and youth violence and provide young people with an alternative. They’ll introduce us to DatsTV, and it’s potential to build aspirations to create the change that’s needed for young people in Birmingham and beyond.