Being The Story at the Byline Festival 2019

Saturday 24 August 2019

Pippingford Park, East Sussex

A riot of independent journalism in East Sussex.

We’ll be hosting a live event and 2 workshops at the 2019 Byline Festival.

Tickets from £40

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If we turn on the news, open a newspaper, look online we are constantly reminded of the issues facing society in the UK. However, more often than not, we aren’t hearing about them from the experts who have experienced them.  There are people in our communities who are full of insights and ideas for solutions to create lasting change.  But are they being listened to? Are their voices being heard?

Being the Story at Byline Festival will inspire new ideas, challenge perceptions, and stimulate conversation on the big social issues. Being the Story provides a platform for people who don’t normally have one, to share their story and ideas in front of a live audience.  In the long term Being the Story aims to diversify the voices we hear in the media by nurturing and supporting these new voices and working with them beyond the event to be media savvy spokespeople.  Being the Story at Byline Festival will feature the thought-provoking insights of extraordinary individuals whose stories need to be heard.

The programme

Start End Summary
6:30pm 8pm Being The Story at the Byline Festival in the Future Dome

“We need to re-balance the content of our newspapers, TV, radio and social media. This is an ambitious initiative to start tilting stories in the right direction.”

Julie Pybus, Journalist

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