Being the Story is a movement to put a spotlight on important issues through giving a platform to incredible individuals with lived experience of everything from gang violence, to domestic abuse, to war and conflict, the care system and more. Our one day Being the Story events feature the stories of 10 inspirational individuals which spark conversations, challenge perceptions and provoke ideas.

Our incredible line up of dynamic speakers will consider what “Being the Story” means through talks, digital content and performance.

Organisations in the charity sector are trying to tell their stories in an increasingly crowded space. They want to be more authentic, yet many face barriers to telling their stories – particularly those working with vulnerable people. Being the Story demonstrates the power of firsthand storytelling and the many different creative ways to talk about important issues that need to be amplified.

Storytelling is the most powerful tool a charity has to raise awareness, generate funds, recruit volunteers and amplify their impact. Telling a great story can change attitudes, challenge stigma and promote social change. Hearing our speakers will reignite your passion for what you do.

Through Being the Story speakers have gone on to feature on Channel 4 News and write for publications including The Guardian, BBC, and Huffington Post. Their talks on YouTube have reached over 60,000 people, with the impact of the stories felt around the world.

“Without you [sounddelivery], my story would still be inside.”

Sam Smith, sounddelivery trainee and Being the Story speaker

Become part of Being the Story to leave with:

  • an understanding of the power of storytelling
  • ideas for how to tell your organisation’s story differently, with more authenticity, to build trust and to encourage supporters to take action
  • inspiration about how to gather stories and find new creative ways to share them
  • prompts to challenge your organisation’s culture through new ideas
  • confidence to share your own experiences, or support others to do so
  • connections and potential future partnerships
  • inspiration – you may be challenged by what they hear, perhaps feeling angry or moved, but engaged and motivated.

Find out more about the stories of the people you can hear at Being the Story.

Who are sounddelivery?

We’re your hosts for Being the Story. An award-winning digital storytelling and training agency, sounddelivery work with charities, not for profits and third sector organisations to help tell their stories with impact. For a decade we’ve supported thousands of people to navigate the changing media landscape and make the most of emerging digital technologies to tell their stories.

Our flagship event is the annual Social Media Exchange. The Lightning Talk element of the day, where people tell their own personal stories, is always a highlight for attendees. They love to hear from people with first-hand experience of social justice issues – or “expert citizens”. Being the Story is a whole day of Lightning Talks, featuring expert citizens, and those who capture their incredible stories in powerful ways.