• Amanda Hailes

    Part of Hull-based women’s collective An Untold Story, peer-researcher for AVA and Agenda, campaigning for women facing marginalisation.

  • Onjali Rauf

    Author and Founder

  • Anne-Marie Douglas

    Founder and CEO of Peer Power, an empathy led charity developed with young people which aims to heal childhood trauma and adversity through caring relationships, system change involvement, employment and peer support.

  • Barbara Burton

    Founder of the BehindBras Fashion Foundation, providing support, new skills and meaningful employment for former women prisoners, in the fashion, retail and creative industries.

  • Bryony Albery

    Previously a frontline homelessness support worker, performance poet Bryony is now training to be a social justice lawyer.

  • Clare Patey

    Award winning artist, curator, and director of Empathy Museum. Her award-winning immersive project A Mile in My Shoes explores how empathy can transform personal relationships but also help tackle global challenges and open up the public conversation around empathy.

  • Darren Murinas

    Chief executive of Expert Citizens, an independent group who have all experienced multiple needs and give their ideas to services to help guide and shape them to improve the care of multiple needs citizens.

  • Lady Unchained

    Poet and Founder of Unchained Poetry, a platform for artists with experience of the criminal justice system.

  • Marissa Begonia

    Domestic worker and founding member of The Voice of Domestic Workers, Marrisa campaigns for justice and rights for Britain’s migrant domestic workers. She helps them to flee abusive families and find safety.

  • Ric Flo

    Creative Director and Rapper Ric Flo uses the art of rap and his experience in foster care to encourage positivity in young people through creative workshops whilst developing his own music with the Hip-hop Collective Jungle Brown.

  • Simeon Moore

    Writer, musician and advocate for young people. Simeon was a member of a notorious Birmingham gang and co-created the YouTube channel DatsTV to challenge, and provide an alternative to those channels and music videos that glamorise gun and knife-culture.

  • Steve Arnott Aka Redeye Feenix

    Hull Beats Bus Founder, committed to building confidence and giving young people the space to be creative through music and art workshops. Star of Sean McAllister’s documentary film A Northern Soul.

  • Sue James

    Director and solicitor at Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre and a specialist in housing law. Sue provides support for marginalised and vulnerable groups so they can make their voices heard.

  • Tracey Ford

    Founder of the JAGS Foundation, created in memory of her son. JAGS raise awareness of the consequences of youth murder and addresses problems affecting young people today offering peer mentoring in schools and works with agencies that help vulnerable young women.

  • Travon Steadman

    Travon works with Drive Forward Foundation, a London-based charity that supports care-experienced young people into employment, training and education. He uses his own experience of the care system to contribute to change for others.

  • Caroline Kennedy

    Informed by her own experiences and those of other parents, Caroline campaigns to create change for families experiencing poverty in Scotland through the Poverty and Inequality Commission, advising the Scottish government on child poverty issues.

  • Dom Raban

    MD of Corporation Pop, a digital innovation agency, Dom created Xploro, an app to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization and improve the health literacy of children based on his daughter's experiences.

  • Marina Cantacuzino

    Award-winning journalist and founder of The Forgiveness Project, a UK-based charity that uses the stories of victims and perpetrators to explore how ideas around forgiveness, reconciliation and restorative justice can be used to impact positively on people's lives.

  • Nick O'Shea

    Founder of Ignition, a south London brewery and not for profit which employs and trains people with learning disabilities to brew great beer and showcase their talents and skills.

  • Onjali Q. Raúf

    Founder of Making Herstory, set up in memory of her aunt. They support women's shelters, lobby for women's rights and join anti-trafficking movements. Author of children’s books ‘The Boy At the Back of the Class’ a child’s perspective on the refugee crisis and ‘The Star Outside My Window’ on the impact of domestic violence on children’s lives.

  • Lorraine Jones

    Lorraine re-launched boxing scheme Dwaynamics to honour the memory of her son Dwayne, who was fatally stabbed in Brixton in 2014. They help young people develop life skills through boxing, mentoring and employability workshops.

  • Emma Lawton

    Diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s Disease aged just 29, Emma has made it her mission to raise awareness of Parkinson’s, leading her to win numerous campaigning awards and be part of BBC Two’s Big Life Fix.

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