Barbara Burton

Founder of the BehindBras Fashion Foundation, providing support, new skills and meaningful employment for former women prisoners, in the fashion, retail and creative industries.

Criminal Justice System

Barbara, a qualified life coach, having spent over 15 years in personal development working in corporate organisations found herself behind bars in her late 50’s. Having witnessed the fundamental challenges that women encounter both in prison and upon release, she promised to make a change for the ‘forgotten women’ she met by launching a social venture with a difference. She created BehindBras to represent women who had found themselves involved in the criminal justice system proviing employment and self-employment opportunities in the fashion, retail and associated creative industries. Barbara has set up BehindBras Fashion Foundation to be the hub for her clients wishing to take up careers within the fashion industry and also continues designing and manufacturing for her lingerie brand.

Barbara was recognised by the BBC as one of the trailblazing women on 100 Women List 2018, celebrating inspirational women across the globe – from high profile names to unsung heroes, those who have responded to extraordinary challenges in their own lives by making real change in the world around them.