"When it comes to storytelling I believe it’s important that we hear new voices, new perspectives so that we can find new solutions to old problems."

Milly, Hear Me Now Audio Being the Story 2018 Speaker


Championing stories that need to be told, stories that challenge prejudice and disadvantage, and have the power to change the world around us.

Being the Story led by sounddelivery is a storytelling movement to amplify the voices of people with direct experience of our big social issues to create social change. Through our spokesperson network, training and events we give a platform for people who are experts by experience to have their voices heard.

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“We need to rebalance the content of our newspapers, TV, radio and social media. This is an ambitious initiative to start tilting stories in the right direction - and I’m supporting it!”

Julie Pybus, Pioneers Post

“The quality of storytellers was mind blowing. Each one was an utterly inspiring call to action……lots for me to think about in the next chapter of my life.”

Katharine Edwards, BBC

“It is an amazing platform for social change. Not only did it give us a platform to tell our story, the team behind it pushed it into the mainstream media enabling us to gain funding to support the countless young people in our communities. ”

Simeon Moore, DatsTV, Being the Story Speaker

“Thank you so much for a hugely inspirational day. Spellbound - storytelling at its most powerful.”

Cal Bull-Edwards

“If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. You can't just stand by”

Simeon Moore, Dats TV

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