Charlie Craggs

Trans activist and Author 

Award-winning trans activist Charlie Craggs knew she was transgender as far back as she can remember. She fought her feelings for years, scared of how hard it might be to be herself. Aged 21 Charlie started presenting as her true female self and quickly realised there was not enough support for young trans women or organisations to challenge misconceptions and help people understand the experiences of trans people at all stages of their transitions. 

Nail Transphobia challenges just that. Charlie’s campaign aims to educate people on trans issues, tackle transphobia, and deliver dazzling manicures. It gives members of the public who may never have met a trans person an opportunity to have an honest, open conversation in a friendly environment. Charlie has taken her pop-up nail bar around the country to museums, galleries and festivals. 

Charlie’s campaign has gone from strength to strength. She was ranked number one on the Observer and Nesta 2016 New Radicals List, was featured on the Independent’s Rainbow list, and recently won a Points of Light Award. In 2017 she wrote her first book, To My Trans Sisters, an anthology of essays by trans women sharing the lessons they learnt on their journeys to womanhood.  

Tackling transphobia fabulously, through education and empowerment 

What does it mean to be trans in 2018 and how can we challenge misconceptions? At Being the Story Charlie will share her insights on trans activism, what’s next in her fight for equality, and how we can all continue to break down the misunderstandings around trans experiences because as Charlie puts it ‘prejudice and hate comes from fear and misunderstanding’.