Angela Frazer-Wicks

Family Panel Member

Angela Frazer-Wicks is a founding member of the Family Rights Group parents panel, one of their expert panels of family members with direct lived experience of the Child Welfare and Family Justice System. Her eldest two children were adopted in 2004 after a very long and fraught battle with her Local Authority due to domestic violence and mental health issues. She is now married with a young daughter who has had no Local Authority involvement whatsoever. She regularly speaks about her experiences of the Child Welfare and Family Justice system in an attempt to highlight issues facing families in the hope of facilitating positive change. She has campaigned for many years to have the voices of families heard within the system. Angela sits on many Boards, Panels and Steering Groups across the country representing the voices of families.

Saying Goodbye in Lockdown

In 2004 Angela was forced to say goodbye to her two eldest children as they were being adopted. Social Services had decided she was not capable of keeping them safe from her abusive partner. Angela’s memories of that day have always been negative, focussing on how awful the whole experience was. During lockdown she began to hear of families being made to say goodbye remotely, or in some cases not getting to say goodbye at all, and it made her appreciate how lucky she was to get to say a proper goodbye. Angela is working to raise awareness of the issues facing families involved with social services during lockdown. She believe the system can and must do better.