Naveed and Samiya Parvez – Andiamo

Founders of Andiamo- revolutionising orthotics

Andiamo was founded after husband and wife Naveed and Samiya had their son Diamo in 2003. He had a difficult birth due to medical negligence leading to Cerebral Palsy and sadly passed away in March 2012. Diamo needed extensive treatment to help him with the most basic functions such as eating, sitting and looking around, this included him having a multitude of orthotics braces and gators.

Everyday care was challenging, but finding the correct orthotics was another case all together. Family life revolved around continual orthotic appointments and the process became extremely frustrating.

Andiamo is an organisation pioneering 3D body scanning and 3D printing techniques to orthotics. The revolutionary approach cuts the time it takes to deliver a customised brace from six months to just 48 hours, which is crucial for young patients who have often outgrown the brace by the time it has been made.

Speaker sponsors

Being the Story speakers Andiamo are being sponsored by Nominet Trust. Nominet Trust has supported Andiamo to develop the prototype for a cloud-based collaborative platform for the clinicians called Cognitive Clinical Decisions. Nominet Trust is the UK’s leading Tech for Good funder. The Trust believes in harnessing the power of the internet and digital technology to improve lives and communities. 

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Building on our experience to change the future

Andiamo recounted their journey so far; how their difficult personal experience spurred them on to advance this technology to ensure that no child anywhere in the world has to wait more than a week for their orthotics device. They drive forward through empathy, designed around the child and their family’s life and want to bring their social tech to as many families as possible.